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"Decisions. Decisions. Who will you choose to photograph that once in a lifetime moment, your precious newborn or that magical day?It is a decision that requires thought, research and time. But you came to the right website! Skye is by far not only the greatest photographer but absolutely the most genuine and out of control witty diva you will ever meet. She expresses a passion for what she does and you end up sharing in that passion midway through the photo shoot. I was petrified of the camera. It was the aspect of getting married that I feared most. How was I going to dodge the photographer on MY wedding day? I have always hated being photographed. As with most mothers, they love displaying the wall of shame (that is what I called it). Every school photo of my siblings lined the hallway of my house. But not mine. The most current photo my mother has displayed is my 8th grade school photo! Some 20 years later, there my photo is today adorning the hallway with my silver smile (braces) and big clunky plastic eye glasses (with my initials angled down the side)!!!! Needless to say, Skye had her hands full with me, or so we thought. I had given her fair warning before we entered into an agreement. But after maybe 3 or 4 clicks of her camera, I was smiling with my eyes and dramatically falling into my fiance, Ben. Of course the first time she instructed me to "fall" into Ben, I could have won the lead roll in Miss Congeniality. But soon I caught on and enjoyed the 4 hours (3 locations) of photo shoot time. I can remember thinking "I sure feel like a movie star. I could get used to this!" Skye captures the very best of your inner being. Anyone can point and shoot. If you want something a bit more personal and unique, let Skye be the one to capture those everlasting memories with her magic lens! My engagement photos were breathtaking. I can just imagine how magnificent my wedding photos will be. Thank you Skye." Andrea Iacono | Sparks, Nevada

We LOVED the pictures. YOU ROCK!!!! THANK YOU - THANK YOU - You are amazing!!! Thank you again Skye!!!Hillarie Jones | Reno, Nevada

"I love the pictures... amazing as always. Your eye for color is amazing! Those shots on the red wall are awesome.Thank you again.Mandee Mattioli | Reno, Nevada

We absolutely love the pictures. You did such a wonderful job capturing the day. We could not be any happier. You do such amazing work and hopefully we can use you again someday in the future. Thank you so much to you and your husband for helping capture our special day! You did an AMAZING job!Sarah & Chris Marini | Phoenix, Arizona

"Skye, you are amazing. I LOVE looking at the photos! Thanks for making us look so good." Rachael & Brian| Germany

"We had so much fun in Truckee. It solidified our decision to have you photograph our wedding. You were great, and I am so excited we are going to have awesome memories saved in wonderful photographs. ---"We could not have asked for anything more beautiful than the album that you have created for us! We love it and will cherish it forever! We appreciate your beautiful work, artistic ability, and all of the time and effort you have put into capturing our special day. Thanks again, and hopefully it won't be too long before we get some more pics from you! Courtney & Evan Carsman | Lake Tahoe

" Oh my gosh, Skye, these are amazing! We love the pics!!!!!!! I want to thank you for a wonderful time. We had a lot of fun at the lake and really enjoyed working with you. I am so happy you will be with us to capture our special day! I am so pleased that I found you."Sarah & Chris Finley | Reno, Nevada

"We had so much fun during our engagement session with you. You really made us feel comfortable and it was all so easy and fun. Above all--WE LOVE THE PICTURES!! Everything turned out better than we expected. You truely are talented. And, I have to say it again, you are the only person I know who can make a dirty, smelly alley look beautiful.""You have out done yourself this time. Again, we LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the pictures. We are so glad that fate lead us to you and Josh. You guys were so awesome at our wedding. You made our day stress free. We LOVE our wedding album. It is so complete. You really captured how happy we are to be married. Thanks again for everything. I don't know if I've told you....but you are just fabulous!"Mellany & Emilio Bullanday | Sparks, Nevada

"OMG- I am speechless. You have no idea how much we love the pictures. They are absolutely beautiful and a great representation of our special day. I am still in awe. You captured our day perfectly! Words really can't describe how happy we are with the pictures. You did a wonderful job and thanks to you and Josh, we have wonderful memories for a lifetime! Every time I look at them, I go back to that day, that exact moment. You have more than fullfilled your captured our special day forever! Thank you again so much." Kate & Robbie Pape | Sparks, Nevada"The pictures are so unbelievably beautiful. Your artistry is amazing. Thank you for giving us beautiful memories."Janet Miller, Mother of the Bride | Brussels, Belgium"The pictures are fantastic. You are great!""Melanie Meyer | Mother of the Groom | Sparks, Nevada

Thank you again for helping to make both the shower and wedding such spectacular events. Your talents are over the top! Thanks again. - Christina Perry of Quality Event and Design | Reno Nevada

"Never have I experienced a more kind, professional, and supportive business woman. Skye captured my 36-week pregnancy in the comfort of my own home and did such an amazing job. I went into the experience with a somewhat negative , apprehensive attitude because of the way I was feeling about my appearance and came out of it feeling more beautiful than I ever have before. When viewing the proofs with my husband and daddy-to-be, I had tears in my eyes because I knew that my experience in carrying our little girl would be forever captured and remembered." Jamie Bowers | Spanish Springs Nevada

"I really love my pregnancy photos. You are an amazing photographer. I cant believe how great they turned out!. Thanks again for such a great job. I had a lot of fun while shooting the photos and your website for browsing and ordering photos is great!" Heather Clark | Reno Nevada

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for everything! We feel so lucky to have you as our wedding photographer and videographer. We LOVE our pictures. Thank you for all your help, support, and professionalism. You rock!" - Katina & John Silver | Sparks Nevada

"Thanks for doing such a beautiful job on our wedding. The pictures take our breath away!" - Eric & Myree Crisp | Reno Nevada

Skye & Josh - Thank you so much for the amazing photos and video you took of our special day. We will have great moments to last us forever thanks to you. You have such an amazing talent and eye for what you do! Thank you so much! - Braidi and Chris Fredrickson | Reno Nevada

"We love the photos! They are so much more than I could have ever asked for! You really have an artistic eye for catching the moment. We are so thankful we found you. You caught our day on film which we will enjoy years down the road. Thank you for making the photography aspect of our wedding completely stress-free. You are a fun and creative person to work with! " April & Brett Warne | Reno Nevada

The pregnancy and baby photos mean a lot. I am sitting here crying over how beautiful they turned out and how much I cherish them already! Leina Santana | Reno Nevada

"Skye, I am so grateful and so lucky that you photographed my pregnancy and newborn baby. I smile every time I look at the pictures! You made me feel so beautiful during the maternity shoot, and I really believe that you captured my confidence and inner peace. The pictures of Jake truly showcase the innocence of new life and the love he was eager to share with us. Your beautiful work portrays our precious life events, and it will forever bring us joy. We thank you so much for the magnificent gift you have given us! Stacie & Jason Silvera | Sparks Nevada

"Beginning with our maternity photos and following into the newborn pictures, you were able to capture a series of precious moments surrounding our first born child. Throughout the process, you were patient, gentle, and warm - always waiting carefully for that precise and perfect moment. The end result is proof of your true talent and work as an artist. We now have memories that we continue to look back on and treasure." - Claire & James Roberts | Toronto Canada